Self-help tools to help secure your small business

Some small businesses have a simple computer network that would not benefit from a managed IT security provider. These useful tools can help you secure your small or home-based business:

Automated cloud backup

Carbonite Online Backup - Carbonite backs your files up in real time. Allowing you to restore files in case of a data loss, or roll files back to a previous date. It is VERY easy to set up and doesn't require you to remember to run the backup.

Password Manager

Lastpass - Store hundreds of site password and allow Lastpass to automatically fill in your login information while you remember ONE password. This password manager encrypts your data at every step, ensuring that your password list is never stored in clear text.

Malware Scanner

SuperAntiSpyware - This is a comprehensive scanner that will check your system for issues and quickly remove malware.

Malwarebytes - A great malware scanner with tools to help protect against ransomware and advanced threats.

File Encryption Tools

Boxcryptor - Allows encryption of cloud storage solutions including: Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, Box and more... Don't store sensitive files on the cloud unencrypted!

Whisply - Securely send encrypted files. Files sent via email, or using a simple link from a cloud provider aren't encrypted and can be opened by anyone.